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Skyfall vs casino royale

skyfall vs casino royale

I haven't seen Casino Royale yet but I have seen Skyfall and it was the For leaked info about upcoming movies, twist endings, or anything. Discussion, debate, and comments on whether Skyfall is better than Casino Royale at Flickchart. Casino Royal. It is the first Daniel Craig film. It has many story plots and " sidequests". I was definitely more impressed by Casino Royale. Might have missed a montage scene somewhere in. What The Hell Happened To M Night Shyamalan? Send a private message to maomaoIYP. What the Hell Happened to Karen Allen? Here is my review of La La Land, a mediocre film that has achieved critical success primarily because of the cinematic nostalgia it evokes. Send a private message to Alienous.

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So which Craig Bond is your favorite? What the Hell Happened to Rosanna Arquette? No Country fo Old Man. Posted on October 26, , in bracket game , James Bond and tagged casino royale , Daniel Craig , Skyfall. Craig followed up Casino Royale with Quantum of Solace which was about as close to a direct sequel as you get in the Bond series in that it was predicated on events from the previous film. Even though Craig is still convincing as Bond, there is nothing in the movie which allows him to present Bond in a new light. Emotionally,action wise,character and plot CR is the better movie.


Skyfall skyfall vs casino royale

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